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BelSupport is an IT Infrastructure & Consultancy Company. We offer an IT support service for your home and small business. Our IT experts will help you to Plan, design all your technical issues and, your infrastructure

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We offer IT Infrastructure Services

Test and development

Teams can quickly set up and dismantle test and development environments, bringing new applications to market faster. IaaS makes it quick and economical to scale up dev-test environments up and down.

Storage, backup, and recovery

IaaS is useful for handling unpredictable demand and steadily growing storage needs. It can also simplify the planning and management of backup and recovery systems.

Web apps

IaaS provides all the infrastructure to support web apps, including storage, web and application servers, and networking resources. Organizations can quickly deploy web apps on IaaS and easily scale infrastructure up and down when demand for the apps is unpredictable.

How does it work?

Our client end users are added to our ticketing system, They can create a ticket explaining their issue, or via our other channel of preference. 

One of our Technical Support will contact the End users as soon as possible to resolve their issues or answer their quires.

For Individuals

First. Contact us directly when you face any problem with your computer via your channel of preference . Live Chat, Email, Skype, WhatsApp, or call us

+1 805 996 0040
+371 202 183 06

Second. You will speak with our Customer Service explaining your issue. Then you pay for the service and accept data protection policies, so we can access your device. 

Third. We will assist you to install and set up the tools necessary to create a remote session that will allow us to access your device then, we will access your device and resolve your issue. 

What makes you different than other services?

We care about you! 

We are not just experts that want to earn some money, We are here to help and educate you about the products that you're using. We will make sure that you can use your devices confidently. We are a family so don't hesitate to contact us


You don't need to add more costs to your budget for your small business by paying for full-time IT Support. We can save you money by helping you remotely and do all that you need. If you are an individual, you can choose from the many flexible plans that we offer based on your needs.

Your IT department

You can rely on us, our IT Helpdesk team is ready for you 24/7 We will be your first call if you face any technical problems. Our Helpdesk team will take care of your business. You can easily chat with our computer expert to fix your pc, they can help you troubleshooting a pc, troubleshooting a laptop, software repair, Microsoft office, troubleshooting your Email account, desktop troubleshooting, computer security, and much more!

Contact us


Call us and talk to an expert, schedule a callback for troubleshooting


Chat with a real person, not a robot any time of the day, and ask your questions.


You can also send a direct email to us anytime, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


You can contact us via Skype for fast response any time of the day.

Download Team Viewer

TeamViewer is remote access and remote control computer software, allowing maintenance of computers and other devices.

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If you have any issue with your device, try our check-up consultation, our expert will check your problem remotely and fix any technical issues