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You can contact us anytime 24/7 during the day for any technical issues. Our Helpdesk specialists will resolve your problems.

Our Current Situation

During the time of the Pandemic, adapting to our new lifestyle became essential, and repairing your computer isn't any different, that's why we are offering you our services where you don't need to go outside searching for a computer repair shop in the cold weather or in the middle of a lockdown, or quarantine to check your computer or laptop. We can simply help you with all your needs remotely, all you have to do is just contact us

What we can do for you?

Once you face any computer issues, All you have to do is contacting us via Chat, Email, Skype, or give us a call. after purchasing our service, we then connected to your device remotely and our technician will be with you during the remote session diagnosing and resolving any of your technical issues.

The types of issues we can help you with like:

  • upgrading your current operating system
  • Installing and configuring Windows devices 
  • Installing, update, removing software
  • Speed up a slow computer 
  • Installing a printer and other devices
  • Backup, Migrating your data
  • Securing, and removing viruses  and malware
  • Troubleshooting your Email account.
  • Setup Email Account
  • Helping you to set up conference video calls 

Now we can help you build up your gaming or video editing computer parts

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