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Individual Pricing

New Device Setup

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Conference call setup

Price: €17

New Windows Setup

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What are the payment options?

Option Nr.1 

Using our website, You click on the service that you need or find suitable for you, add it to your checkout cart then, you can pay with your PayPal account, Pay attention that you "Don't" need to have a PayPal account to pay us. you can easily access it as a guest and pay us with your credit/debit card

Option Nr.2 

If you don't like PayPal, Easy! Just Livechat with us or send an email or Skype, we will send you the service invoice right away with our local bank account based on your location to avoid any extra fees. 

What if I don't pay with USD, Do you support other currencies, What are the fees?

No problem, We support USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD. We will give you local bank details based on your location, just like you pay for any local services in your country. No extra or hidden fees. For example, The service costs 20 USD, but you would like to pay with CAD "Canadian Dollar," you just contact us then we give you CAD bank account details and you pay 20 CAD, You don't need to convert to USD and pay the differences.

What if you don't resolve my issue?

We wish we would never disappoint you but if that happens then, we fully refund you within 24h.

Can I pay for the service after you resolve it? 

If you pay the checking up service and we figure out that we need to do some other service, we will not close the session with you, we will resolve your problem first then, we will email you the invoice to pay for the service that we have resolved for you.  Also, We do this with our long-term clients especially if they need urgent access. Once we build a good relationship with our clients it's normally acceptable. 

How Purchasing a Business plan works? 

1) You press "Order now"
2) You will be redirected to fill the form
3) Once we receive your order, We will send you the invoice
4) Once you pay your subscription, you will be our customer 

What will be the next steps if I purchase your business plan?

You and your employees will be added to our ticketing system, Everyone will have an access to contact us anytime. once any of you will face any troubles, He/She can contact us by creating a ticket or call us directly, we will set up an online remote session to resolve their issues. Keep in mind that we do regular maintenance, clean-up of your computers monthly. For more information about our full list of services check our Small Business services. 

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