Terms of Conditions 


This is our data protection and privacy policy that describes how BelSupport.com, Will gather, use, and maintain your personal information on the BelSupport.com Platform. By using BelSupport.com Platform, you confirm that you have read and understood this privacy policy, and our data protection both referred to as "Agreement

General Terms

  • BelSupport.com May be referred to as "BelSupport.com," "us," "we," or "us."
  • We call a user of the BelSupport.com Platform "User," "End Users," "Client" or "You, yours" 
  • The service that we offer when you contact us via phone call, live chat, email, or other means of communication, including but not limited to remote support offered to you by BelSupport.com referred to as "Service" or "Services"
  • Mobile applications that we are using on Andriod or IOS are referred to as "Apps" or "Apps"
  • By accessing, ordering, or using the Services via telephone, online via the Site, or through an App, you (“You” or “Your” means you or, for services designed for businesses, the legal entity that you are authorized to represent and on whose behalf the Services are purchased) and other users of the Services (collectively, “Users”) agree to these Terms and Our Privacy Policy & Data protection.
  • BelSupport provides you with access to and use of the services subject to your compliance with the terms.
  • BelSupport has the right to refuse to provide the services to anyone without any notice for any reason.
  • You represent to us that you have the right, capacity, and authorization necessary to legally bind yourself to the terms and you have read and agree to the terms of the privacy policy and you comply with all the treaties, laws, contracts. 
  • Any information you submit to BelSupport.com is correct and complete i.e the device that you're using belongs to you, the payments or credit card information is belongs to you and your supply is correct.
  • BelSupport.com is not responsible for any software, or hardware damage in any shape or form.
  • BelSupport.com is not responsible for any loss of data, or corruption of data for any reason.
  • BelSupport.com has not held any responsibility for how you or any end users are using your own devices i.e. any criminal activities or hacking other devices.
  • BelSupport is not responsible for any third-party application that the end-user has purchased from any vendors.
  • BelSupport is not responsible for who is using your devices and what type of activity they're doing.
  • BelSupport is not obligated to provide prior warning, or post notification, to any individual or individuals of modifications to this document.

Accessing your devices i.e. Computer, Cell Phone, etc.  

In compliance with GDPR - Date protection and the European laws we inform you about the data usage from our side as well as the use of software and tools as follow:

  • BelSupport is offering remote access services to your device, devices in order to resolve technical issues as well as consultation about the end user needs. 
  • BelSupport May need to download and/or run software on your device to help diagnose and resolve your issue.
  • BelSupport will guide you on how to use remote software, or and any third-party solutions that will help us authorize your device.
  • You Allow us to have full control of your device, and devices during the diagnosis period.
  • The remote software shall control your device, and devices and open communication between our Support team device and You and your device.
  • You acknowledge and agree to the use of BelSupport remote software and any third-party tools, Sharing files, Downloading tools, Software to diagnose your device, and devices.
  • You agree that on giving us full control of software i.e Installation, usage, updates, etc
  • We will not use any illegal and or, unlicensed software on your device.
  • You agree on the use of trial version Software. 
  • You agree on registering any software or open windows that require you to add your user name and password, You shall give BelSupport.com authorization to do themselves ONLY for this task.

Refund policy & Payment 

  • BelSupport.com may be able to fully refund your services for the individual plan services if your problem wasn't resolved by our agent.
  • BelSupport.com may refund End-user for the small business plans if the contractor wasn't satisfied with the service within the first 14 days of usage
  • The end user is not eligible to pay for any free third-party software or tools "free trial" versions
  • Any paid services are NOT eligible for any refund within the first 3 days of resolving the issue. 
  • BelSupport.com Shall terminate any contract/s due to non-payment fees

If you have any questions or concerns, Email us at [email protected]

Last update 28/2/2021